[Zope] zope ftp questions... again

Philip Kilner phil at xfr.co.uk
Tue May 11 12:05:18 EDT 2004

Hi Andreas,

Andreas Jung wrote:
> --On Dienstag, 11. Mai 2004 10:21 Uhr -0400 Kevin Tie 
> <ktie at baseline-dg.com> wrote:
>> I would really like a build of zope that has working ftp downloads (no
>> straight 100% cpu utilization, no throttling to 10Kb/s) but I really 
>> don't
>> know what sort of condition the 2.7branch wip is in.  Can anyone vouch 
>> for
>> the stability of what's there right now?  Is there a more recent windows
>> build other than what's available on the zope.org website or do I need to
>> build from cvs?
> Windows is not really a stable plattform for running Zope.

I've been running Zope on Windows for a couple or three years now 
(primarily NT4, but more recently W2K) and under my pattern of usage 
(/Relatively/ light usage, but far from trivial) I've had no significant 
stability problems - a good few quirks, but nothing more than comes with 
the territory.

I'm sure that for high load situations (possibly in the OP's case?), and 
where there is a lot more interfacing and coding going on, a non-Windows 
platform would have advantages - but I wouldn't like your comment to put 
anyone off considering or deploying Zope on Windows.

Put it this way - it's more stable than Windows itself, and more stable 
than many bread-and-butter applications many of us run on Windows every day.

If I was specifying an environment for Zope from scratch, I /wouldn't/ 
choose Windows. I've never had that luxury - my situation has always 
been "Windows is a given - now what?". I've never been bitten choosing 
Zope in that environment.




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