[Zope] Re: [ANN] Epoz 0.8.1 released

Drak drakcrap at digitalextremes.com
Tue May 11 12:26:32 EDT 2004


A couple of suggestions if I may:

1)  Can we get the 'Remove Format' to work with everything?

If you go to your demo site for example, and try removing the first line 
of text that is encased in a <span> and <H1> tags, or the unordered 
bulleted list further on down... well nothing happens.

2)  There's a little check-box at the bottom of the Epoz text editing 
window.  It has no description, yet is a pretty important tool.  I use 
it quite often in instances where the 'Remove Format' doesn't work, or 
if I need to modify a tag.  Certainly not all users will need it, but a 
description would certainly be helpful.  For our internal site I've just 
added the following beside it:   HTML View

Perhaps even making it a toggle type button instead?  I dunno, but great 
work... its all very much appreciated here!!!


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