[Zope] product+catalog question

Henny van der Linde (zettai) linde at inline-info.nl
Tue May 11 16:03:21 EDT 2004


> Henny van der Linde wrote at 2004-5-11 01:30 +0200:
> >I have build a external product with its own classes for storing
> >information.
> >How can I get Zcatalog to index the data within these classes and how do
> >get Zcatalog to index certain parts of these classes (certain
> Please read the "ZCatalog" section in the Zope Book (2.6 edition,
> online on Zope.org).
> It explains how indexes and metadata fields of the catalog
> correspond with attributes and methods (maybe acquired) of
> indexed objects.

Thanks, but I'm aware of the Zcatalog section in the Zope book. I got the
ZCatalog perfectly working with my ZClasses.
However I'm building the next generation of our Zope based cms entirely with
external products, leaving ZClasses behind. Documention including the
developpers guide isn't any helpfull regarding the Zcatalog in this respect.

I have a product wich has a dictionary of dictionaries (items) for storing
data, including text data. One of the items fields is tekst (text). Of
course I can instruct the Zcatalog to catalog this product. But it won't
find the 'tekst' object (or any other) in the object in while creating

I'm clearly missing something here.


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