[Zope] Give ownerschip instead of take ownership?

Marinussen, M.J. (Ria) M.J.Marinussen at ewi.utwente.nl
Wed May 12 04:37:29 EDT 2004


I've set up an intranet site. Several people get editing rights through
a webinterface I created. One of the things they can do, is add a page
in the right format with a special webform. The pages they add are owned
by them, and I use "ownership" to place a "mail the editor button" on
every page.
So far, so good...

But as webadmin I layed out the basic structure, and sometimes I help
people set up their part of the side when they don't have the time to do
it. And these pages are owned by me, not by the people that are going to
edit the contents of the page. And I don't want people to contact me
when they have remarks/questions about the contents of the page.
These editors don't have manager rights in zope, and don't use the
managementinterface of zope, so I can't have them "take ownership" of
these pages, and I don't know their passwords, so I can't take their
identity (don't want to do that either).
Instead I would like to "give ownership" to them. Only the webadmin,
with manager rights in the zope interface has to be able to do this. And
it doesn't have to be permanent; if it's a security risk I can change
things back to normal after I make the necessary adjustments.

Does anyone has an idea whether it is possible to do this (and how - in
what direction should I search)?
(I'm using zope 2.5.1 with python 2.1.3 on solaris)


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