[Zope] CookieCrumbler problem after initial authentication

Stefan H. Holek stefan at epy.co.at
Wed May 12 06:09:06 EDT 2004

AFAIK only the standalone Cookie Crumbler supports nesting. It's somewhere
on hathawash.freezope.org


On Tue, 11 May 2004, Ralph vd Houdt wrote:

> I'm trying to setup a CookieCrumbler in a folder below a folder wich has
> allready required authentication, the second folder has different access
> rights and therefore requires the user to login again. When the user is
> logged in allready by an initial CookieCrumbler or even by an initial Basic
> HTTP Authentication the CookieCrumbler is ignored and Zope gives me Basic
> HTTP Authentication and not the CookieCrumbler Form.
> My Setup:
>  -- Folder A (requires authentication)
>     |-- Folder B (requires different authentication with CookieCrumbler)
> When I go directly to Folder B without authenticating for Folder A the
> CookieCrumbler pops up. But first authenticating Folder A and then going to
> Folder B ignores the CookieCrumbler.
> Does anyone know a solution?

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