[Zope] Some hype for Europython 2004 Zope Track

Heimo Laukkanen huima at iki.fi
Wed May 12 13:47:04 EDT 2004

As the track chair for Europython 2004 Zope track it is my pleasure to  
hype up some excellent news about the schedule and get your apetite up for  
for the best ever Zope track at Europython. Never mind that there are  
other excellent tracks running at the same time -- since we have such a  
fabulous show that if you are interested in Zope, you will be glued down  
to your seat!

First of all we are now running for three full days and have each day  
packed with excellent talks. Whether you are into Silva, CPS, Plone, Zope  
3 or doing your first projects and just trying to figure out where and how  
people use Zope.

Especially cool is that on the first day of the conference we will have  
Rob Page from Zope Corporation doing two talks, one presenting more about  
status of Zope Corporation and how they see the business - and second talk  
about how they do Zope-projects. These talks alone should be enough for  
you to register and come to the conference.


Naturally we will also have major contributions and news from the  
development of Zope 3. Philipp von Weitershausen and Steve Alexander will  
hold talk about Zope 3, Jim Fulton will present Zope Roadmap and Aroldo  
Souza-Leite presents the status of Zope3 Common Criteria Certification.  
These talks should be enough to get your apetite ready for coming Zope 3  
releases in the future.

And if you are an Archetypes-junkie - then you just can't miss out talks  
by Benjamin Saller and Andreas Jung. These brave lads will actually tell  
you everything you ever wanted to know about Archetypes. If you do  
professional Plone work, then these talks combined with Alexander Limi's  
wrapup talk about Plone status should be enough to convince you and your  
boss to cough up some euros for travel expenses.


And we haven't forgotten those of you who use or are interested to know  
more about CPS. Our friends from Nuxeo and other contributors will have  
extremely interesting talks about CPS as a whole, but also about certain  
components - including CPS Schemas and Directories.

And if this is not enough, we have some major cool stuff waiting you on  
the last half of the last day. We will have few Zope specific  
lightningtalks - including some casefiles -- and then our special event,  
that will be revealed soon. I can't yet reveal it's contents - but if you  
are in to Zope CMS business or doing work with Zope based content  
management tools, then this is something you just can't miss.

So unless you have some reading disorder or if your family doctor has  
restrained you from traveling, it should be clear that there is no reason  
whatsoever to miss Europython. So whatever you wre doing - drop that now,  
and point your browser to http://www.europython.org. Registering is easy  
and it makes you feel better. Really.

Be a better human being, come to Europython 2004!


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