[Zope] dreamweaver use for zope via WebDav-ZPT support?

Sean Kelley sean at horse101.com
Wed May 12 14:00:50 EDT 2004

I was trying to install zope extensions for dreamweaver to hopefully get 
the right object type associated with the files added in zope through 
Dreamweaver. ZPT files become DTML documents in ZOPE when using 
dreamweaver if you name them .htm  Otherwise they are text files which 
cannot be edited with WYSIWYG.  I found the following page which 
mentions "following directions" to install an extension for 
Zope/Dreamweaver but there are no directions in the zip file that I can 
see, nor is there any on the download page:

How do you use Dreamweaver with Zope's WebDav and still retain file 
types (ZPT) or DTML tags?  I have the extension manager installed for 
Dreamweaver but there is no extension file to install in the above download.


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