[Zope] Re: Mysterious Database Error

Danny Bloemendaal Danny.Bloemendaal at companion.nl
Wed May 12 17:36:43 EDT 2004

Well, I noticed what was the culprit. It turned out that portal_catalog
turned into a 'tumor'. When I export the catalog it results in a 195Mb file
while a few days earlier it was only a few Mbs. For some reason it suddenly
grew many times larger than all my content together while hardly any new
content was added. Reindexing took ages. About 1000+x longer than normal (=
70seconds). Now it took almost an hour to reindex my content. So then I
decided to tried I cleared all indexes. I then tried to let it recreate the
indexes (Find tab) but that took ages too. In fact it never finished (I
stopped it eventually). So that didn't work.

Then I got a backup from a few days old. I exported all my content from the
tumorous database and imported it into the backup version (after first
removing the existing content). Then I let it reindex the portal_catalog in
the backup version and then things were back to normal again. It took about
70seconds to reindex and the database was about 45Mb.

I have no idea why the catalog suddenly got into this state and why it took
about 2 minutes to save plone content (reindexing the object) and why it
took one hour for a full reindex. Right now my database is ok again but this
really freaks me out!!!
At that point I realized again how much of a black box the zope database
actually is and I really keep my fingers crossed that nothing more serious
will happen.


"Dieter Maurer" <dieter at handshake.de> wrote in message
news:16546.36012.687963.233027 at gargle.gargle.HOWL...
> Asad Habib wrote at 2004-5-12 10:32 -0400:
> >Hello, I am trying to add a record to a MySQL database using a Z SQL
> >method. The Z SQL method works fine and I have tested it by itself. Also,
> >when called from a DTML method the Z SQL method adds the record to the
> >database but Zope returns the following error:
> > ...
> >* Module Shared.DC.ZRDB.TM, line 63, in abort
> >* Module Products.ZMySQLDA.db, line 328, in _abort
> >
> >NotSupportedError: (1196, "Warning: Some non-transactional changed tables
> >couldn't be rolled back")
> This is not mysterious at all:
>   The standard MySQL tables do not support transactions (there
>   are "inno"db tables that do).
>   Your request was aborted and Zope wanted to tell
>   MySQL to rollback the transaction (and undo the changes
>   done in this request).
>   This is not possible (with standard tables).
>   You get informed about this failure.
> There is a way to suppress this error report.
> I think (though I am not sure) that prefixing the
> connect string with "-" does this.
> Of course, MySQL does not learn aborts by this.
> It is just that the problem report is suppressed.
> The cleaner way is to use transactional tables or
> a different database system....
> -- 
> Dieter
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