[Zope] Re: Mysterious data.fs increase

Fred Yankowski fred at ontosys.com
Wed May 12 18:45:23 EDT 2004

On Wed, May 12, 2004 at 11:38:59PM +0200, Danny Bloemendaal wrote:
> I have no idea why the catalog suddenly got into this state and why it took
> about 2 minutes to save plone content (reindexing the object) and why it
> took one hour for a full reindex.

Are you using ZWiki?  IIRC, someone recently reported a problem where
ZWiki adds a 'links' index/metadatum to the catalog.  For content
types without a links attribute, acquisition grabs the standard links
page/object and stuffs its expanded content into the catalog.  I
suggest that you sample some catalog entries in the Catalog tab of
portal_catalog.  Try some catalog records of Document objects and look
for a *huge* links field value.

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