[Zope] Re: [Archetypes-devel] Archetypes leak problem? Acquisition.ImplicitAcquirerWrapper references killing eventually Zope

Fabiano Weimar dos Santos xiru at xiru.org
Wed May 12 20:22:33 EDT 2004

Hi Heimo,

ok... I know that It will sound really stupid, but I would like to ask
two things:

1) Did you already tried to remove all the products that uses external
libraries and leave only Plone and Archetypes installed? I already see
similar crazyness in an application that was using Oracle and
Archetypes. I realize that the problem would be Archetypes, but my
problem was ZOracleDA.

2) Do you have a robots.txt in your web site? I see another situation
were google bot was spidering all website pages and turning everything
very confuse to debug.

Anyway, If it is a real leak at archetypes, I'm the wrong guy to ask.
That´s too evil for me ;-)

> I've now debugged this for many, many hours and come to this point after  
> excluding different other options away. Any help is appreciated as allways.
Fabiano Weimar dos Santos <xiru at xiru.org>
[Xiru].org <http://xiru.org>
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