[Zope] dealing with file downloads and uploads

Small Business Services toolkit at magma.ca
Thu May 13 08:56:47 EDT 2004

From: "Samuele Giovanni Tonon" <samu at sferacarta.com>
> i have to work with files using zope, but i have some problem:
> i have one form in which you upload a file, then after the upload
> i have to parse (following instruction from the user) the file before
> inserting some of the data of it into a sql table.
> The problem comes when i have to pass the file from one form
> to another (this forms gives me instruction on how parse it) .

Can't you have a single form which gathers the instructions and the file

Alternatively, gather the instructions first then send them to the form to
get the file (easier to pass shorter fields around then the actual file)

If you can't do either of the above I think you're going to have to use
dtml/python scripts.


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