[Zope] AccessControl.Role.RoleManager &

nwingfield at dixon-hughes.com nwingfield at dixon-hughes.com
Fri May 14 11:49:38 EDT 2004

I have written a simple class to function as pluggable brains for SQL
records.  My class is called Document, and it looks like this:

class Document(RoleManager):
    " class code here "

I need to set local roles on my result objects, so I am inheriting the
RoleManager class.  Within the __init__() method of my Document class, I
make an SQL call to retrieve the local role mappings for the particular
document in question.  Then I call "self.manage_setLocalRoles(userid, roles
)".  This call fails, generating an AttributeError on __ac_local_roles__.

I believe this is because Zope's base Record class has put the kabosh on
setting any of its attributes.  So at this point I am wondering if I have
attempted the impossible.  If so, is my only recourse to write a wrapper
class that inherits from RoleManager and encapsulates my record objects?
I'm sure I can do this; it just seems inelegant compared with pluggable

Furthermore, the base Record class seems to be compiled C++.  Is any
documentation available for this class?

Thanks for your help!

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