[Zope] NT authentication

Erik Myllymaki erik.myllymaki at aviawest.com
Fri May 14 12:29:59 EDT 2004

I am trying to use NT Domain authentication with a Zope 2.7 install on 

My old situation was Zope 2.3.2 installed on a Windows NT 4.0 BDC, with 
LoginManager and my own login methods to authenticate to the host 
machine. The performance was fine.

On the install I am hoping to migrate to, exUserFolder and the 
smbAuthSource works but it is _really_ slow. I am now authenticating to 
a remote BDC as opposed to the same machine, but by remote I mean on the 
same 10/100/1000 LAN, so that really shouldn't be a performance 
bottleneck. Looking at the code, there is no caching that I am aware of 
and so it uses some of the calls to the PDC once for every object. Pages 
below the exUserFolder take 4-5 seconds to load, where those not going 
through it load in <1 second (same page used for testing).

I am thinking of maybe using one of the other user folders out there 
that use caching (MySQLUserFOlder, LDAPUserFolder) as a template to make 
my own, but if someone has a better idea...


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