[Zope] Export file to localmachine

Jud Dagnall lists at dagnall.net
Fri May 14 14:07:38 EDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 04:22, hawelek_tlen wrote:

> I don't need to write these files on demand,
> I need only some function, that will export those 50 files on localmachine,
> but I want to execute it from the dtml-method,
> I don't how can I use wget, xml-rpc + python,
> I'm newbie:)

It might be helpful to understand the higher-level problem you're trying
to solve, i.e. Why do you want to get the data out of zope as a dtml
method? Do you need to do this once a week, every day or hourly? Why is
dtml important?
wget is a command line utility that can (among other things), download
web pages to your local machine. You could, for instance, create a
directory index page that had only a list links to each of the 50 items
in your folder. You could then point wget at the index page and have it
retrieve all of the linked files. You'll need to look at the wget usage
instructions for the details, but it's straightforward.

Jud <lists at dagnall.net> 

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