[Zope] Re: Writing a python script

azazel azazel at lizard.homelinux.net
Fri May 14 16:20:34 EDT 2004

Il ven, 2004-05-14 alle 17:27, Joseph Kocherhans ha scritto:
> http://docs.python.org/modindex.html

yes, you have 2 ways to resolve your problem, 

1) you can use cron (unix system service) and a python script to
schedule and selectively delete your files directly from the filesystem.
In this case you should start as Joseph told you, by looking into the
standard os and os.path python modules;

2) you can use a Zope Python Script; in this case, you should loop over
the files of a given folder and check the that of every file in the
folder, delting them appropriately:

##parameters= folder, date

# i suppose that date is a DateTime object if not, uncomment next line
#date = DateTime(date) 
# obtain a list containing only  PloneExternalFiles

files = folder.objectItems('Plone External File')

# loop over the file list
for id, file in files:
  mod_date = DateTime (file.getFileModDate())
  if mod_date < Date:
    # delete it

You should however have a look at the DateTime module into zope's help,
as i don't know how the date coming from the PloneExternalFile is
formatted and maybe  it needs some adjustements ;-)


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