[Zope] Can see zope from local host, but not from anywhere else

zope at joanhenge.plus.com zope at joanhenge.plus.com
Fri May 14 19:05:54 EDT 2004

This maybe a very basic question, so please be patient.  I've just done a test installation of zope.

It's from my host (http://dathorn.com).  I've run ./install and ./start, and if I ssh to my host and run lynx, I can visit the site using every domain I can think of: http://localhost:<port>, http://<ip>:<port> http://<domainname>:port.  However, if I try any of these urls from a browser on my local machine, they just fail (after a long wait).

Is there a trick I am missing, or is zope not something I can run from this host?

Thanks in advance


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