[Zope] AttributeError __call__

Matt Hamilton matth at netsight.co.uk
Mon May 17 05:02:11 EDT 2004

Marc Rijken wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a python scrypt index_html in the folder user/mail_password. I
> get the error mentioned in the subject when I call
> container.user.mail_password(email='marc at rijken.org'. But when I call
> http://localhost/user/mail_password?email=marc@rijken.org I won't get an
> error. To be this is very strange. Why does a python call to
> mail_password not traverse correctly to index_html and a http call works
> correctly?

   You have to call
container.user.mail_password.index_html(email='marc at rijken.org') as that
is the actual method.  I think the reason for the difference is that
when you traverse to the object via the web, the publishing machinery
calls index_html for a folder automatically.


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