[Zope] Sessions and RAM cache managers causing memory leak

Matt Hamilton matth at netsight.co.uk
Mon May 17 07:02:43 EDT 2004

Richard Ettema wrote:

> There are 2 RAM Cache Managers, one which caches for 15 mins and one for 
> 24 hours. Both cache 20-30 DTML Methods or Python Scripts that return 
> either lists, datetime objects, dictioneries, or rendered dtml. Some of 
> the dtml calls the catalog multiple times, I can't see why, but would 
> this be a problem? (I also tried changing everything to strings to see 
> if it was a problem with caching objects like datetime and dictionaries, 
> but no change)

   How many items end up in the cache after each test?  If you look at 
the statistics tabs on the caches you should be able to see how many 
items are beeing cached in each case.


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