[Zope] permission problem????

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Mon May 17 13:40:21 EDT 2004

William Herring wrote at 2004-5-15 15:30 -0400:
> ...
>I then proceed to create a ZSQL method, connecting to my Postgres7.4
>database with ZPsycopg.  The sql method works fine as superuser.  However,
>when 'testuser' attempts to use the sql method, I get:
> ...
>Module OFS.DTMLDocument, line 126, in __call__
>Module DocumentTemplate.DT_String, line 474, in __call__
>KeyError: standard_html_header

Usually, one would expect that you did not give your
"testuser" the "Call database methods" permission.

However, your traceback seems to indicate a different problem.
Is your "standard_html_header" protected?
If its 'View' permission is not granted to "Anonymous",
then locally defined users cannot access it (this applies to
all objects with 'View' replaced by the "object permission"
(usually "Access contents information").


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