[Zope] lame newbie product intallation q's...

Ken Gunderson kgunders at teamcool.net
Mon May 17 16:49:18 EDT 2004

Greets Folks:

I have really basic question- I want to run a couple different 
Zope/Plone sites.  My assessment is that multiple zope instances offer 
a better fit for my needs than VHM.  Some products will be shared 
between sites, and others not.  My question is where to best install 
these products and why?  Plone docs say INSTANCE_HOME.  Seems rather 
redundant to install multiple copies, so can just maintain one plone 
product dir somewhere and symlink as needed.  Else another possibility 
is to just put into top level /usr/local/www/Zope/Products dir and let 
all instances inherit.  Or is there some downside to this??  
Enlightenment appreciated.  Thanks bunches.

Best regards,

Ken Gunderson
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