[Zope] lilpond-zope

Aaron aamehl at bezeqint.net
Mon May 17 23:55:08 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I am trying to set up a zope based web application which manages musical
content, specifically lilypond notation, ogg-vorbis audio, midi, and
information about these files (songs)

I need a way to give users of the project a way to add, correct, edit
etc. lilypond files.

Lilypond is a text based ascii format for musical notation, so
theoritcally a text box would be good enough.

essentially I would like to give them two possibilities:

1. the ability to edit on the web page itself either:
    a.) with colorization, completion etc of common lilypond funtions. 
	this is already available with vim and emacs, but I would like 
	to add some of that functunality to a zope textbox.
    b.) A more graphical front end to lilypond where the user see's
	graphics of the various elements and clicks on them with the 	mouse (or
uses a shortcut key) to add the elements to the page.	

2. the ability to edit lilypond files remotely and upon save upload
	them to the zope server.

In the above cases midi playback of the resulting files would take place
by sending the file to the lilypond parser and playing the result in a
midi player.

How do I go about creating from scratch such an editing enviroment or
modifying and existing one?


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