[Zope] zope performance issues

Matt Hamilton matth at netsight.co.uk
Tue May 18 15:17:57 EDT 2004

Trevor Warren wrote:

>  Do help me push zope to the limits and i will share
> the results of the benchmarks as obtained. Somethings
> i need to start with.....
>>>Caching of Objects in Zope

Look at the RAMCacheManager included with Zope.  This will make a big

>>>Dynamic Thread Management Features in Zope

You can adjust the number of threads in the zope.conf file (for Zope 2.7).

>>>Shared pool connection management for SQL queries

Be careful with this.  Unlike most other systems, Zope has its own built
in object store (ZODB) and hence does not 'look' like many other systems
that have an app server and then persist the data to a separate SQL server.

>>>Tuning Documents

Well, DTML is pretty much been superseded now by ZPT.  I can't say ZPT
is any quicker than DTML, but it is what should be used now.  Please
post the DTML you are using, as we may be able to offer some tuning
hints.  If you are doing something like an SQL select from a RDBMS and
then iterating over a large result set, there are some well known
techniques to speed things up.

>>>Monitoring of current instance 

There is a debug screen within Zope, or just use standard process
monitoring tools.

>>>Capability to pump test load across numerous Zope servers

This is where Zope is very good.  It scales very well, and is extremely
easy to do, and requires (in most cases) no changes to the application
code.  One thing to mention, is that python does not utilize multiple
processes very well.  Hence if you have a multi-processor server, you
are better off running multiple ZEO clients, one for each processor.

I hope this helps.  If you can send us any more information about your
test setup and benchmarks we may be able to help more. :)


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