[Zope] Can't get my crontab -e working

Jud Dagnall lists at dagnall.net
Tue May 18 18:50:23 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-05-17 at 10:08, Laura McCord wrote:
> This is what I did:
> crontab -e
> */2 * * * * wget http://path/to/my/pythonscript
> This does not work. I am probably missing something like a username or
> password in this line but what username do I need. Is it the main user
> in the acl_users, manager, of my zope or do I use the username=zope or I
> placed a local role to that script with manager privileges do I use that
> username? 

1. Test your wget command outside of cron so that you only have on set
of errors to deal with at a time.

Use it from the command line until you get the right results, 
experimenting with usernames until things work as expected; it sounds
like you have only a few choices, so it shouldn't be too difficult to

wget --http-user='xyz' http://path/to/my/pythonscript

with each of them. 

2. Once you have it working from the command line, then try to put it
into your cron script. Use the full path to wget (like
/usr/local/bin/wget, although this will depend on your system).


Jud <lists at dagnall.net> 

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