[Zope] zope performance issues

Trevor Warren trevorwarren at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 01:06:58 EDT 2004

Hello Matt,

 Thanks for writing in.

--- Matt Hamilton <matth at netsight.co.uk> wrote:
> Trevor Warren wrote:
> Look at the RAMCacheManager included with Zope. 
> This will make a big 
> difference.

 Yep matt, someone just suggested the same. Am looking
at using the capability of the same towards boosting
up the response times and TPS.

> >>>Dynamic Thread Management Features in Zope
> You can adjust the number of threads in the
> zope.conf file (for Zope 2.7).

 Have tried that out too. But for a 100 user with ear
user performing 1 iteration with 110 threads enabled 
in the first round. And 70 in the second. In both the
instance zope response times goes for a toss post 10
mintues of bombardment. It recovers at the end of the
15 minute test. Was hoping for atleast a sustained
performance throughput.

 The number of threads (70-110) were kept proportional
to the number of users(100).  Performance degradation
post 10mins of the test tleading to absymal response

> Be careful with this.  Unlike most other systems,
> Zope has its own built 
> in object store (ZODB) and hence does not 'look'
> like many other systems 
> that have an app server and then persist the data to
> a separate SQL server.

  Okie captain.

> hints.  If you are doing something like an SQL
> select from a RDBMS and 
> then iterating over a large result set, there are
> some well known 
> techniques to speed things up.

 Here at the performance group we do have access to
some excellent repositoried on tuning all kinds of
apps/db servers, but i will surely get back with
results of sql tests when i start them. These tests i
am mentioning are short circuit tests Matt. Tests w/o
any sql queries as of now.

> code.  One thing to mention, is that python does not
> utilize multiple 
> processes very well. 

 ZEO i am checking out rite now. Could you please
spend some time on your current statement about python
not scaling across processes. If this is the case how
can we expect Zope based on python threads to scale
over SMP based systems service large number of
concurrent users.

> Hence if you have a
> multi-processor server, you 
> are better off running multiple ZEO clients, one for
> each processor.

 Great..Will try out the same matt.

> I hope this helps.  If you can send us any more
> information about your 
> test setup and benchmarks we may be able to help
> more. :)

 You betcha. Am working on the same and will keep all
of you posted on the same. Thanks a million for
responding. Lets hope i am able to push zope to the
wall and extract acceptable TPS values as compared to
commercial offerings.


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