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Trevor Warren trevorwarren at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 22:37:26 EDT 2004

Morning Dieter,

--- Dieter Maurer <dieter at handshake.de> wrote:
> You need to understand what happens near the 7th
> minute.
> Does the memory consumption increase?

 Nope....the machine is just as responsive as it was
before. It is a very high end configuration...

 a HP bl20p blade server, 1 cpu - 1gb ram with oodles
of other management paraphnelia. Hence as far as the
config is concerned i am sure that it can sustain much
 higher workloads that sending apps for a toss so
early in the test.

> I observed that Zope becomes slower and slower as it
> takes more and more memory. I attribute this to
> effects of the cyclic garbage collector.

 Just yest before i left for home i noticed sudden
drop in hits/sec. The max i would achieve for 50 users
was about 250 hits/s. But i guess i made some config
changes which dropped this to <100hits/sec and about
10TPS overall.

 But this still isn't an excuse for the zope process
to go for a toss at the 7-8th mintue of the test. We
should atleast get Zope to be able to withstand to the
current load if not scale lineraly to the increase in
load over time. 
 It 250+ hits/sec is not poss fine...atleast the
smarto shouldn't go down. How can we force a GC on
this process periodically. The GC for WEblogic works
in a very simple manner cleaning up the "Stack Space"
for the process once the upper limit is hit.

 Comments please????. 


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