[Zope] zope performance issues

Matt Hamilton matth at netsight.co.uk
Thu May 20 04:07:46 EDT 2004

Trevor Warren wrote:

>  I am praying that by then end of this all i end with atleast 60-70%
>  perf of the commercial servers else my whole saga of scaling "Open
>  Source/Free Software" won't go anywhere inhouse..:(.

Remember, scalability is not the same as performance.  As Chris pointed 
out, Zope scales extrememly well. Better than pretty much anything else 
out there.  The fact that it is a bit slower than other systems is not 
really an issue.  We could go to town on optimizing it like crazy, or 
just chuck another server at it.  The fact that you could buy another 
server for a ZEO client for the same cost as a few days of developer 
time means it is just not worth it.


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