[Zope] How can a folder vanish?

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Thu May 20 15:27:16 EDT 2004

Rupert Redington wrote at 2004-5-20 10:20 +0100:
>On Tuesday night at around 5.30 BST a folder (of type 'Plone Folder') 
>vanished from within a plone instance on my zope server. None of the 
>users with sufficient privilege to do this will own up... Nothing 
>unusual so far, right?

You use which Zope version? Zope 2.6's packing algorithm
could loose data...

> ...
>- in the undo information (btw - is there any way of 
>searching undo records other than by hand through the tabs in the ZMI?)

You can use "fsdump" and then use a text editor...

>The folder seems to have simply vanished.
>I'd be very grateful for any suggestions about how such a thing might 
>happen - or how I might discover more about the sequence of events.

Provided, you have not yet packed your "Data.fs",
the folder is still there (just not accessible from Zope)
and the history information in "Data.fs" will reveal
the events that led to its deletion.

I once analysed a mysteriously disappeared folder.
Turned out that a colleage had deleted a whole subtree (including
this folder) and then imported a similar subtree again
(but without the folder). Just to tell you, that a disappearing
folder may have non-local causes...


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