[Zope] audio order

Aaron aamehl at bezeqint.net
Thu May 20 18:24:06 EDT 2004

HI all

I am trying to mentally figure out how zope can help manage a huge
archives of audio files.

A database can't hold audio files even as blobs they are to large. What
I have seen done with relational databases is to hold the audio files in
a directory and scan the file headers as well as the directory contents
and keep them in sync with at database.

Somehow I got the feeling that with zope I can store the actual audio
files (ogg) in the zope database. However I am not sure how this helps

I have audio files and their metadata as well as parallel music notation
files for each recording which I need to keep in sync.

I need a frontend to add the audio. This will query the db to see if a
recording/notation file already exist and if there is metadata for
either the notation or the recording and permit the addition of the
metadata from the notation to the recording or visa versa.

Now my question is how can I take advantage of existing zope
objects/products to manage my audio archives.


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