[Zope] Good Object-Oriented Design Approaches For Zope Development?

Allan Miller amiller at a2software.com
Thu May 20 23:19:15 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone,

I am VERY new to Zope development, having come from a mainstream Java Struts 
and Perl CGI web development background.  I've been looking at the source 
code for various Zope Products and applications, and haven't seen a lot of 
classes used.

The applications and Products I've seen define one or two application or 
Product classes, and consist of a lot of ZPT's that are essentially forms 
paired with, or posting to, PythonScripts.  I wonder - am I missing 
something?  It seems like the applications are organized almost exclusively 
around ZPT's and PythonScripts, with no use of business objects/classes, for 
example.  Is this the unusual approach?  Can anyone point me towards some 
applications that are considered well designed - make good use of programmer 
defined (espcially domain) classes?  How about some articles on  good Zope 
application design practices?


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