[Zope] Good Object-Oriented Design Approaches For Zope Development?

Passin, Tom tpassin at mitretek.org
Fri May 21 12:52:48 EDT 2004

> [mailto:zope-bounces+tpassin=mitretek.org at zope.org] On Behalf 
> Of Allan Miller
 I've been looking 
> at the source 
> code for various Zope Products and applications, and haven't 
> seen a lot of 
> classes used.
> The applications and Products I've seen define one or two 
> application or 
> Product classes, and consist of a lot of ZPT's that are 
> essentially forms 
> paired with, or posting to, PythonScripts.  I wonder - am I missing 
> something?  It seems like the applications are organized 
> almost exclusively 
> around ZPT's and PythonScripts, with no use of business 
> objects/classes, for 
> example.  Is this the unusual approach? 

I wouldn't generalize.  It all depends on what you are doing, and the
style and background knowledge of the developers.  If you are mainly
interacting through web pages and forms, it makes sense to do it using
page templates and scripts.  Don't forget, though, that page templates
themselves depend on the page template classes that run underneath.

OTOH, I have written Zope applications that use external methods to
invoke highly object-oriented code (you don't necessarily have to call
out of Zope to do this, either).

The nice thing is that you get a choice of how to go about it.


Tom P

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