[Zope] [Ann] AdvancedQuery 0.2

Dieter Maurer dieter at handshake.de
Sat May 22 14:33:39 EDT 2004

AdvancedQuery is a Zope product for flexible queries
against "ZCatalog" or "CatalogTool".

Queries can be arbitrarily combined with "and", "or" and "not".
All index types are almost fully supported (exception: relevance
sorting of TextIndexes). 

AdvancedQuery supports efficient incremental (lazy) multi-level sorting via
FieldIndexes. This means, you can sort via e.g.
"sort_on=(('Date','desc'), 'portal_type', 'id')". For large
result sets, sorting is performed incrementally,
only as far as you access the result. This can drastically speed up
sorting time.

AdvancedQuery is especially efficient for "ManagableIndex"es
(see: <http://www.dieter.handshake.de/pyprojects/zope#ManagableIndex>).

New in version 0.2:

  *  optimization of descending sorting using new
     "ManagableIndex" features.

More information and download:


Note: This may be the last version with its current open source
unrestricted use license. I consider whether I will expressly
forbid the use of my software by institutions of the
European Union (Councel of Ministers, Commission, Parliament, ...).
This is in protest against a recent decision of the
Councel to make software patentable. This decision
ignores a Parliament vote that pleaded to keep logic (algorithms,
business rules) un-patentable.


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