[Zope] 450 hits/s with 40+ TPS ..:D : Thanks to the Community

Trevor Warren trevorwarren at yahoo.com
Sat May 22 23:37:39 EDT 2004

 Hey guys,

  Dieter, Paul, Robert and the rest. The past few week
has indeed been a very joyful experience. With Zope
stalwarts coming out with their bouquets/brickbats
towards helping me scale FLOSS into my enterprise.
Which *hopfully* will translate to customers across 50

 I still have to repeat the previous tests with SQL
queries but am quit satisfied with the performance
achieved till date. Since everyoen has been asking,
"what are these frigging transactions i am talking

 In our inhouse tests we totally disregard hits/sec
and focus our efforts on
Load. Thus i have been evry keen on ensuring the same.
No doubt the hits's aer somthing i know the rest of
the world can relate to and hence i post them here.

 My results are as follows:

>> Transactions : 3 Types consisting of an item

>> Hardware : 2 x 2 Cpu(Hyperthreaded, which means the
OS sees 4), 1 GB RAM, 36 GB SCSI and a SAN

>> Tests carried across various scenarios spaning
finite time intervals.

>> DB Cache : 20000

>> RamCacheManager : Null (Get no performance boost
with it on, some gurus say with more ZPT complexity it
may help. But i had a nasty surprise. With the ZPT
cached, there is total serving of the objects from mem
which causes stale variables to be served. All efforts
spent in making complex random quieries are naught
with this option.)

>> DB Pool : 15

>> Zope client Threads : 10

>> Zeo Server : 1

>> Setup : 2 Zope CLients and 1 Zeo server

            Test results....:D.

>> hits/sec: 460 hits/s
>> TPS : 40+
>> System usage : <50%

 The issue was the M$ client and n/w which brought me
to conclude mid-way what i did. I am eating my own
words and on record put down these values. 

 Please write in for any further clarifications. I
will still pursue other tests with complex sql's and
will be in touch.

 Thanks again Dieter, Paul and others.


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