[Zope] Re: CMF+Plone and Zwiki (making a TOC)

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sun May 23 01:54:10 EDT 2004

G. Clifford Williams wrote:
> I'm trying to construct a FAQ for my site. 
> I'd like to do it with Zwiki but don't know how I can get a nice table of 
> contents to appear automaticly when I add a new topic. I know that there was 
> a way to do this with DTLM but that feature has been removed from the Plone 

It's just off by default. If you're on top of the security issue you can 
reenable it with an allow_dtml property (http://zwiki.org/QuickReference 
  ). http://zwiki.org/FAQs is an example of a dynamic table of contents 
using this technique.

If you don't mind doing it in the skin/ZMI, you can of course do it with 
a page template or python script instead.

If you don't mind a little python coding, there's also some recent work 
in Backtalk (in zope cvs IIRC) that automatically builds a table of 
contents for structured text documents.

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