[Zope] 450 hits/s with 40+ TPS ..:D : Thanks to the Community

Trevor Warren trevorwarren at yahoo.com
Sun May 23 04:49:59 EDT 2004

Helo Ben,

--- "Ben Last (Zope)" <zope at benlast.com> wrote:
> Are you able to tell us how this compares with other
> setups (and other
> technologies) you've tried?

  I won't specifically name any commercial app web
servers out there for certain reasons. But with the
java app web servers one can expect the following on
the config i mentioned earlier:

> 100-150+ TPS (Test Transactions pertaining to a
simple buy/sell/view) with a single instance of the
commercial server, while i got a 20+ here with Single
instance of Zope-Zeo. When scaling the setup to two
machines there seems to be a non-liner increase in
throghput as follows 40TPS and 450-500 hits/s.

> 250-350 hits/sec on the commercial app webservers
with on instance running while about 150-200 hits/sec
with once instance of the Zope-Zeo server running.

> Glad to hear that you've found the source of your
> problems, Trevor.

 Thanks. M$ almost killed me with their crappy s/w,
but a last minute change of scenarion helped locate
the crux of the issue.

 Intelluctual Property, consumer protection and
Zope...:D. What kind of stuff are you into with
Zope/python there at sleepydog?.


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