[Zope] zope & cvs

Lukasz Indyk dyzma at mat.uni.torun.pl
Sun May 23 07:17:14 EDT 2004


i want to use your approach for using zope with cvs (using Filesystem
Directory View). i try to use the approach with my existing project. but
those problems occured:

1. there is a problem with file extensions. file "richedit.html" is
visible in zope as "richedit", file "tools.js" is visible as "tools" and
so on. zope truncates extension of files of certain types. but file
"image.gif" is visible as "image.gif", so extension is not truncated.
the problem occurs when file with truncated extension is refferenced in
code in other file (for example <a href="richedit.html">foo</a>). the
"object not found" exception is displayed because of extension is
truncated and file name is changed.

files without extension ("template_edit_form") are not visible in zope at
all, they start to be visible when i add extension
("template_edit_form.html"). but such renaming also makes problem with
references described above.

i have two files with same name but different extension ("richedit.html"
and "richedit.css"). in zope there is twice "richedit" visible, but when i
check properties of both "richedit" entries, then source of both entries
points at "richedit.html", and no "richedit.css" is mentioned.

how you solve this problem in your projects?

2. this is minor one;) i would like to keep my files at
ZOPE_ROOT/MyProjects. but when i add filesystem directory view then there
are only those paths available:

so i can only choose location from the list. how to choose other location
(for example ZOPE_ROOT/MyProjects)?


Lukasz Indyk
<dyzma at mat.uni.torun.pl>

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