[Zope] 450 hits/s with 40+ TPS ..:D : Thanks to the Community

Ben Last (Zope) zope at benlast.com
Sun May 23 14:59:42 EDT 2004

>  Intelluctual Property, consumer protection and
> Zope...:D. What kind of stuff are you into with
> Zope/python there at sleepydog?.
Using Zope to build a consumer-focused website (to support a mobile phone
product) that may need to scale to vast numbers of hits.  Hence a lot of
focus on caching - it's dynamic in the sense that the pages are generated by
templates, but they change sufficiently seldom that both levels of Zope
cache can be used (as appropriate, as Jamie H. points out) to serve very
high numbers of requests with minimal Zope load.  I chose Zope because I
have a bunch of extremely non-web-tech-literate people populating the site
(all the content interfacing is via the ZMI) and because I have to do most
of the engineering myself and I'd far rather work in Python than mess around
with PHP or Perl (or even... shudder... ASP).

We're also working on a PlayStation game that has a vast database behind it;
that's all Python/MySQL driven, but it uses ZODB for intermediate result
caching of some very compute-intensive stuff that can take a couple of days
to run.

Which brings me to a question - I'm at the point of sorting out Zope
hosting.  Anyone got recommendations for a good hosting company,
Linux-based, Zope-literate, that'll scale from a single dedicated server to
a load-balanced cluster (as required)?  UK preferred, EU second choice, US
if we have to (I don't have anything against the US, it's the time
difference that can be an issue).


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