[Zope] ClientDisconnected - how to prevent this from showing up?

george donnelly list at zettai.net
Mon May 24 01:05:43 EDT 2004

Dieter Maurer <dieter at handshake.de> on 5/22/04 wrote:

>george donnelly wrote at 2004-5-21 19:22 -0500:
>>I've got a 7-client ZEO cluster. The client machines are Celeron's and
>>the ZEO server is on a dual XEON. All communication is over a private
>>network with a switch in the middle.
>>Lately I have been getting ClientDisconnected errors more often than I
>>would like. restarting the offending client or the zeo server is a
>We have had similar problems.
>Someone on the list asked whether we have some NAT (Network Address
>Translation) agent in between. We had...
>Such NAT agents close connections when unused for some time
>in order to protect their resources. The timeout of our NAT agent
>was 30 min.
>Our solution: send a keep alive message every 20 min.

i see, thanks. the keep ailve messages, are these nat rules, http
requests? something else?

I already send an HTTP Options request every second to each of the
clients but this does not seem to be doing the trick.

I found this email that mentions sending a noop across the client -
storage connection.


is this something that has to go across zrpc?

thanks for your help :)
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