[Zope] problem with upgading from plone 1.0.4 to 2.0

Lukasz Indyk dyzma at mat.uni.torun.pl
Mon May 24 07:09:39 EDT 2004


i use java-script richtext editor with plone 1.0.4. the editor is embedded
as a scriplet in a page, and the page with the scriplet uses plone's main
template (fill-slot etc). everything works wery well.

i want to use the same solution with current plone version (2.0), but
there is a problem;( the page containing editor is displayed in browser
window, but there is no editor in the table cell that it used to be in.
when i put alert() in various points of the javascript code, then alert is
displayed, so i guess the javascript is processed. but editor is not

what about the solution? maybe there is well-know javascrip-related error
with upgrading plone?


Lukasz Indyk
<dyzma at mat.uni.torun.pl>

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