[Zope] zope backups

Andreas Jung andreas at andreas-jung.com
Tue May 25 01:50:10 EDT 2004

--On Montag, 24. Mai 2004 14:59 Uhr -0400 Jake <jake at zopezone.com> wrote:

> Hmm...
> I have used it on a Data.fs from 300 -> 800 MB.
> What is to say the copy won't go bad if it gets written to at the time of
> the copy?

The different is that copying a live Data.fs is like tracking a moving 
target, a static
copy of the Data.fs is static and rsync knows how to handle static files 
but it does not handle
files that grow or change during the copy phase.  An inconsistent copy of 
the Data.fs is no problem
since Zope will through away the last inconsistent transcation during the 
next startup.


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