Maciej Lopacinski hamster at mat.uni.torun.pl
Tue May 25 06:55:30 EDT 2004

Hi, I'm pretty new to Zope technology. My question is pretty simple. I
want to use my product which uses dtml in pylone so I want to rewrite all
DTML stuff to ZPT.

I found good webresource about it but not all ise clear for me, here is my

// dtml
<dtml-call "RESPONSE.setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/html;
<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('img_url', images.absolute_url())">
<dtml-call "REQUEST.set('image_db_url', image_db.absolute_url())">
<dtml-call session_init>

// end
first line is pretty easy to change
in second and third images amd image_db are local fs instances
session_init is DTML Method,

1. How should it look in ZPT?
2. In folowing scripts I use <dtml-call "REQUEST.get('img_url')"> or
something like this, how should I use it now in ZPT?

That's all.

Good webpage about dtml2zpt conversion can be found at:

Maciej Lopacinski <hamster at mat.uni.torun.pl>

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