[Zope] Re: Caching and Proxy Servers

Nate Aune nate at jazkarta.com
Wed May 26 04:16:30 EDT 2004

> True, but we have some images on our site.  One thing I just noticed.  Some of
> our images are rendered in the "here" context not in the portal_url context.
> That means they don't look like cache hits.  Just something to watch out for.

Ah.. Good point. I'll check to see how our images are rendered.

> I noticed in the 2.7.1b1 release that the line is not commented out (i.e. they
> fixed this).

That's good.
> Finally, have you had any experience caching portlets in Plone.  It is not at
> all clear to me how to do it.  Benchmarking showed that a big issue for us was
> the navigation tree generation.  I'm frustrated by the fact that all the Plone
> documentation is still written for "slots" and that the newer version of Plone
> didn't get rid of all the complications described in the old documentation
> related to caching.

Yes, documentation is pretty scarce when it comes to best practice caching.
It seems that caching is more of an art than a science.

What we are doing is the following:

Define a page template 'cache_Calendar' and put it in your custom skin
folder (or whereever):

<tal:calendar define="dummy python:request.set('anchor_url', request.URL0);
                      dummy python:request.set('anchor_method', '');">
    <metal:getcal metal:use-macro="here/portlet_calendar/macros/portlet" />

And then associate this template to the RAMCache. REQUEST variables should


Then in your right_slots, you would use:


Instead of:

>> For use with Apache and Squid where there is HTTP caching going on, then
>> yes, this change is necessary. But as I mentioned above, for RAM caches
>> it doesn't make any difference.
>> I'm eager to hear what the Zope guys say on this issue. What is the link
>> to the thread?
> Its on the Zope mailing list.  I'm not sure how I could send it to you as a
> link.  You might try and find out where the Zope mailing list archive is.

The thread is here:


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