[Zope] WebDrive V6 (&5?) and Zope

Paul Browning paul.browning at bristol.ac.uk
Wed May 26 06:10:42 EDT 2004

--On 26 May 2004 11:05 +0100 Chris Withers <chris at simplistix.co.uk> wrote:

> Paul Browning wrote:
>> Question:
>> Is anyone using Webdrive V5 or V6 successfully with Zope?
> 5.13 and 6.02

I find that re-assuring ..... there's got to be
something I'm doing that is very wrong.

>> Either I'm missing something obvious or WebDrive V6 (and V5?) has
>> become broken with Zope. Everything used to work for me
>> with WebDrive V3 and V4.
>> The following observations were made against Zope 2.7.0.
> I checked with 2.7.0, works for me with Zope and WebDrive on same
> machine...


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