[Zope] Re: kupu with dtml?

Matt Carey matt at studiolift.com
Wed May 26 10:01:16 EDT 2004

On 26 May 2004, at 8:11 am, zope-request at zope.org wrote:
> Epoz and Kupu are both JavaScript-Wysiwyg-XHTML-Editors... Both editors
> aren't able to edit any DTML-Templates at all, because DTML is no 
> (X)HTML.

i can see that there has been a change of direction here (for the 
better IMHO), but it doesn't help me with my existing set-up.

the site where i have epoz now uses a master header and footer in root, 
then a series of dtml documents just containing the text of the page. 
so in epoz the editors only get to edit those. it works well, though 
they would love the new features offered by the latest epoz/kupu.

but i can't migrate everything over to page templates at this stage as 
the site is too big...


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