[Zope] Scripts for Login & Logout

Jonathan Cyr cyrj at cyr.info
Wed May 26 12:06:29 EDT 2004


I'm in the final stages of writing a web app in Zope.  Have a few questions.

1) What's the most elegant way to provide Logout in Zope, I know its 
been an issue in the past.  Anything new?   I was using a dummy role and 
a url like http://dummy:dummy@www.appname.com to move the user to a 
dummy no-rights account... it worked well until Microsoft patched IE to 
disregard this syntax.

2) I have "Member" folders in my application.  How do I get the TTW 
Manage Zope behavior of providing a generic login in a shared publicly 
viewed folder, and on correct login, be conducted right into the 
Member's space (subfolder).  In other words, a member may know their 
username/password, but not necessarily know their home folder.   How 
would a generic login, focus the user to their member folder. 

I am using a Zope 2.7, with regular user folders, DTML, and Python 
Scripts... Not using ZPT, yet.

Thanks In Advance,

-Jon Cyr
 cyrj at cyr.info
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