[Zope] New users can't log into the ZMI

Steph Smith stephanie at thinkers.org
Wed May 26 19:01:14 EDT 2004

I'm new to both Zope and Python (not to mention OO programming :), but 
slowly feeling my way around them :)

I have a fresh install of Zope 2.6.4-r1, installed from ebuild. I've
read through the "Installing and Starting Zope" chapter in the Zope Book,
and also "Getting Started with Zope for Linux and Solaris" article on

After starting my zope instance, the "Getting Started" guide suggests
that the first thing I do is log in to the ZMI as the init user, which I
was able to do without any problem. The guide then suggests that I
create a new user with manager rights, and to access the ZMI with this
user going forward. 

I go into the acl_users object, and add a new user (with "Manager" role), 
which appears to be successful. However, when I log out as the init user, 
and try to log back in as my new user, I am unable to log back in to the ZMI. 
I have checked the password repeatedly, and that is not the problem. I've 
tried assigning the "Owner" role to my new user. Still no luck.

Created other users. Again, no luck. 

Unfortunately, nothing is being logged in /var/log/zope/zope-instance, 
so I have no way of determining whether this is an authentication issue, 
or a permissions issue, or something else all together. 

I've looked under the Security tab of the acl_users object, and
explicitly set permissions for Managers. I don't think I'm supposed to
need to do this, and it didn't help anyway. 

I have made sure that the 'domain' field for the user has been left

Now I'm wondering if there's a step that I've missed, which must be done
before I can start adding new users? Or if there is a way to increase
what gets logged. I've looked inside the error_log object, but didn't
find anything useful.

Or perhaps somebody can offer another suggestion/direction to look? I'm
very excited about zope (and its forthcoming staging ability). But when
first starting out in new territory, its always these little things that 
trip one up!

Thanks in advance!

Steph Smith

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