[Zope] Editing the modification_date

Jens Vagelpohl jens at dataflake.org
Thu May 27 00:16:42 EDT 2004

> Is it possible to edit the bobobase_modification_date of an object 
> using
> dtml or a python script?
> Sometimes I have to update an object that was entered into the Catalog 
> say a
> month ago.  However, afterward, when I search the Catalog and display 
> the
> results according to date, I do not want this object to appear as if 
> it a
> recent addition to the list.

No it is not. bobobase_modification_time is a ZODB-level attribute that 
cannot be changed by application code.

You should change your object and give it another attribute that holds 
a date-style value that you can manipulate as you wish, and add the 
necessary index/metadata column into your catalog to have it indexed as 


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