[Zope] Quota management under Plone 2 ?

rherzog rherzog at sga.ulb.ac.be
Wed May 26 18:00:34 EDT 2004

I am looking at some means to manage a quota for contributors to my 
Plone 2 site. With my dream product, it would be nice to be able to 
limit at least at 3 levels for each separate contributor :

1. the total amount of storage used at any moment (it would be handy to 
have a message sent to the site manager to remind him/her to "compress" 
the databank if some quota has been reached - there might be room to 
spare after all...)
2. the maximum size of any individual file (specially "photos" and 
"videos" as this is what plagues me the most these days - damn those 
digital cameras and poor snapshot takers ;-)
3. the maximum number of items placed on the site (or currenly 
"published", as the retired items should not be counted)

I found that a "quota folder" has been created a couple of yaers ago. 
it's version is 0.11 someting. Is this a reasonably stable product to 
have at least part of what I need for a Plone 2 site ?
I am personally not advanced enough in Python to try and cook this on my 
own furnace !

Thanks for your help and comments.

Robert Herzog

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