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Nate Aune natea at jazkarta.com
Thu May 27 05:35:33 EDT 2004

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> I see no problem with storing the metadata in in ogg file and having it
> added to fields later, but what about notation files that have metadata
> but no recording exists?

Then maybe it would be best to have an abstract song folderish content type
which *only* contains the metadata, and contained within this folder you
could have the actual audio and notation files.

> Yes because you answered me off-list. This is a mistake as if these
> mails are lost I won't be able to retreive them from the archives and
> others won't benefit from them.
> We should somehow get this discussion on the list again. I will cc. this
> to the list.

That's strange - I thought for sure that I replied to the list as well. I'm
pretty sure I did because otherwise you couldn't have gotten my mail. When I
sent it to your address, I got this msg back:

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> Truthfully, I see CMF products and Archetype products and can't figure
> out what they are/do? I don't see them in the Zope Book....

Nothing about CMF?  Archetypes is a relatively new thing, so it wouldn't be
in the Zope book. Here are a few links where you can read more:


> hmm this sounds interesting, unfortunetly lilypond relies on Latex
> although in version 3. they plan also to output postscript only.

Well, if you have it in postscript, you can convert it to PNG or PDF.
>> Well, that depends on your use cases. You could also make an abstract "Song"
>> type which contains ONLY metadata but has references to the actual audio and
>> notation files. 
> Thats what I have so far although I can't figure out how to make it fly.
> I have folders nigunim/notation/audio/
> my idea was to have the metadata for each nigun(song) reside in the
> highest level nigun folder and then have only the ogg specific metadata
> reside in the ogg folder, and only the notation specific metadata reside
> in the notation folder, a so forth.
> My thought was that since no metadata exists at least I should make it
> as easy as possible to add the metadata. Once the metadata is added for
> the nigun, only the specific metadata for the recording will need to be
> added, and in my case there could be many ogg files for each notation
> file. (the same song perfomed by different singers)

This sounds like a perfect use case for using Archetypes, because you can
define some BaseSchema (all the metadata about the song which is common to
the audio and notation files - song title, composer, etc.)

Then the audio and notation files could inherit these properties, so you
wouldn't have to add them again. You would only have to add the metadata
that is specific to the audio file (when it was recorded, who was it
performed by, etc.) and notation file.
> Whew so much to learn and so little time, I was hoping that Zope would
> speed up the process, but I am starting to be a bit overwhelmed.

Yes, I get overwhelmed sometimes too. There is a lot to learn with
Zope/CMF/Plone/Python, but once you get a handle on it, it starts to come


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