[Zope] Re: Caching and Proxy Servers

Nate Aune nate at jazkarta.com
Thu May 27 09:14:52 EDT 2004

> I got caching of the navigation stuff working nicely.  It isn't as
> efficient as it could be because it constructs the "tree" for every URL,
> but at least it doesn't re-render for the same URL thanks to caching.

The nav_tree in general is not very efficient, and the sooner it gets
rewritten, the better.

This one is from Alan Runyan (runyaga)

<tal:checkperms tal:define="global checkPermission
                            global wtool nocall:here/portal_workflow;">
    <metal:portlet use-macro="here/portlet_navigation/macros/portlet" />
> Here is another question for you.  I notice in my profiling that two
> things are just killing me.  They are:
> here/getAllowedTypes
> portal.list_filtered_actions(here)
> I have associated both of these with a RamCache that is not very
> restrictive (in terms of REQUEST contents, i.e. AUTHENTICATED_USER,
> URL1) and yet they never get cached.  Any idea why?  They are python
> scripts (in case that matters).  Any more clever ideas?

No, I don't know why they aren't getting cached. Maybe one of the caching
gurus on the list can answer that one.


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