[Zope] help with __bobo_traverse__

Matt Hamilton matth at netsight.co.uk
Thu May 27 16:15:11 EDT 2004

Mohamed Lrhazi wrote:

> One more thing, this works as expected:
> <>
> Meaning that is does call my viewDomain method which displays the 
> REQUEST dict.
> But this fails:
> <>
> Error:
> Zope has encountered a problem publishing your object.
> Cannot locate object at:

OK, this is saying that it can get to 'foobar' OK, but the next 
traversal step from foobar to '1' is failing.  It cant find '1' in the 
context of 'foobar'.

My initial thought is that maybe there is no context wrapper for 
viewDomain when you return it.  I can't remeber if it is added 
automaticcally or not.  You could try:

return getattr(self, 'viewDomain').__of__(self)

and see if that works.

Having said that, taking another look at your code, I think it works as 
expected.  The first call to __bobo_traverse__ gets 'foobar', but how 
does foobar get '1'?  Does an object called '1' exist anywhere?


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